About us

We’re developing Strategy Field Guide to deliver practical wisdom, methods and tools to help anyone create extraordinary clarity and alignment across their organisation.

We regularly publish straight forward articles that explore different aspects of strategy, leadership and organisational alignment. And we’re developing free or low cost tools and resources, such as facilitation guides, journals and card decks, to provide practical assistance for you and your team to maximise your impact.

Strategy Field Guide is a vehicle to advance our own learning and to share it with others who might benefit from a head start.

Most of the work we draw on is not our own, and has been around for ages. Instead, we aim to bring together the best of existing proven concepts in original ways to make them more effective and accessible. Our goal is to produce content and tools that don’t require specialist training to understand and apply.

While legitimate research underpins our articles and tools, our work is intended to be practical, not academic. Collectively, our work is intended to be a ‘field guide’, compiling the concepts, tools and methods that we have found to be most impactful from field testing in our own roles.

We seek to make our work relevant to everyone from experienced leaders to those just embarking on their careers. Most people know that they should take steps to create clarity and alignment within their organisations and for themselves; however, uncertainty in where to start can freeze people and prevents them from taking action. Our articles, tools and resources are intended to lay the process out in a simple to follow format and give people confidence to take action. We believe that this will ultimately create meaningful work experiences for people around the world and help organisations to achieve great things.

Meet the field crew

Joel Bailey / Co-Author
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Joel is the founder and managing director of a national consulting company, and an experienced strategy consultant and facilitator, company director and author. After working in government and consulting, Joel founded Wavelength and has successfully led its expansion with employees and clients, including ASX 50 companies, across Australia.  Joel’s passion is making a positive impact by helping people, organisations and communities create clarity, so they can thrive and be more fulfilled in their lives.  Joel’s other interests include reading and learning about all manner of topics, health and fitness, and spending time with family.

Sean Craig / Co-Author
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Sean is an experienced executive, entrepreneur and author. With a career spanning from early stage start-ups to billion-dollar companies, Sean has a passion for helping organisations achieve great things through the creation of meaningful work experiences for their people. Sean has founded and worked with organisations across industries including consulting, infrastructure, online retail and hospitality. Sean’s other interests include reading, running, practising French (poorly!), design and travel.