Tools and resources

Below is a list of Strategy Field Guide tools and resources that we have developed, to help people and teams maximise their impact.

One Day Strategic Planning Workshop Facilitation Guide

Strategic Planning Workshop Facilitation Guide

Our Strategic Planning Workshop Facilitation Guide sets out a proven, straight forward step by step approach to facilitating a simple, but effective, one day strategic planning workshop that will quickly clarify any organisation’s or team’s strategic direction, by completing the Team Alignment Canvas.

Download the Strategic Planning Workshop Facilitation Guide, for free

Team Alignment Canvas

Team Alignment Canvas

The Strategy Field Guide Team Alignment Canvas is a simple tool for organisations and teams to create strategic clarity. Based on Patrick Lencioni’s six questions, the canvas provides a one page summary that can be shared with all members of an organisation or team.

Download the Team Alignment Canvas here, for free

2021 Financial Year Wall Planner

This printable PDF wall planner allows you to map out the year ahead and track toward your annual goals.

Download the Wall Planner here, for free

Icebreakers for Meetings and Workshops Facilitation Guide

This kit sets out our tried and tested approach for delivering icebreakers that are effective and enjoyable.

Download the Icebreakers Facilitation Guide here, for free

Impact Planner

A combination strategic planner and dot grid notebook, the Strategy Field Guide Impact Planner keeps you focussed on achieving your team’s goals.

Order your Impact Planner here

Ice Breaker Card Deck

The Strategy Field Guide Ice Breaker Card Deck helps get any meeting or workshop off to the best start possible. With a mix of simple questions and challenges for teams, it will help everyone warm up for your session.

Order the Ice Breaker Card Deck here

Other tools and resources we recommend

These are tools and resources that we have come across, tried and tested, and found to be highly useful.



We’ve used Todoist for years and found it to be hands down the best task manager out there. It allows you to share projects between users and allocate tasks to one another, which is very useful when implementing action plans in support of your strategy.

Click here for two months of Todoist Premium for free