Cobras and butterflies: dealing with complexity

Complex adaptive systems can be particularly challenging when making important decisions. To help navigate these challenges, we have developed some guidance and a simple canvas that will help in understanding the complexity of the systems you work with, and to make better decisions within them.

The importance of values

As we’ve discussed in similar articles on both mission and vision statements, organisational values are an often used concept, but rarely well executed. Many organisations have developed a set of values, but very few have applied them in a way that truly and uniquely defines the way they work in practice. If you look up the values of any organisation, you will usually see a list of concepts...

The six questions that every high performing organisation needs to answer

I hear and read about a lot of organisations and teams that wish to be ‘high performing’.  This is a great goal, but identifying this ambition is the easy bit.  The hard bit is working out how to translate the relatively abstract concept of high performance into concrete strategies for achieving it.  There may be lots of organisations talking about it, but there are relatively few...